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How many massages have you had, that left you disappointed with the technique or the result? Why don’t people generally have more lasting relief from a massage? Despite being trained in various massage techniques, Wiep de Vries never stopped asking herself these same questions.

After years of training she has arrived at the answers which have resulted in her development of Reconstructive Muscle Therapy. She never stops looking for a better way, different manipulations and techniques. Wiep is constantly exploring, viewing challenges from a whole body perspective, rather then seeing them as isolated problems.

The most outstanding feature of Wiep’s work is that she achieves so much in such a short amount of time. Her massage technique has proven both highly skilled and potent, making an hour long visit with her very cost effective. She will always find a way to pinpoint the original structural culprits that underlie your muscular or nerve problems giving you the feeling of a brand new you. The accuracy of her insights, observations and intuition about the interconnectedness of apparently unconnected physical complaints, often surprise her clients. Above all, most clients have commented that the results are beyond their expectations, and that they frequently experience a longer lasting effect from Wiep’s body work than from any other modality.

Wiep has found that one to three, one-hour treatments, bring about an accelerated healing process, deep in the muscles and the surrounding tissues, even in persons with a history of long-standing aches and pains, even when derived from an accident or trauma. Her techniques help people recover much more quickly; including long term aches and pain that have roots in childhood can be overcome.

Wiep’s muscle health approach, while still relatively unknown, is gaining more and more clients referred by those who know that her work brings a deeper state of relaxation, healing and a dramatic improvement in flexibility, muscle strength and circulation. A recent client who could not lie on either hip, and therefore lost precious sleep, was able to achieve total relief with just 2 treatments.

Wiep uses a percussor machine, called the Biopulser, and often alternates between her fingertip motions and the percussor. Despite the fact that the first one or two sessions may leave you a bit sensitive for a couple days, you definitely know that it is worth it, since the changes are profound. The shoulders or hips often even out in one session, the back becomes more flexible, walking is easier and any vertigo or headaches can diminish significantly after just one treatment. The carpal tunnel hand can lift a glass of water again.

Wiep’s clients always go home with lots of suggestions for basic home remedies or applications to support the healing process. People learn from her resourcefulness and creativity. The Muscle Health approach can be easily practiced by clients at home and Wiep is always happy to give specific instructions to clients and their families on maintaining a wellness perspective.

Those who are already receiving medical treatment can also benefit from Wiep's work. Massage therapy can speed up and support recovery and rehabilitation. Correspondingly, when a health issue requires it, Wiep's massage clients will be offered a referral from among an extensive, established network of medical practitioners and holistic healthcare providers who welcome collaborative care.

Reconstructive Muscle Therapy is a specialized massage technique, that along with Wiep’s recommended self-care practices, has proven to be an excellent combination that brings about a faster process of recovery and rehabilitation. Many clients, having recovered from trauma, continue with a regular schedule of RMT sessions as part of their health maintenance and injury prevention regime.

Wiep has also been able to assist clients who are physically challenged to avoid the extensive use of expensive pain medication and in some cases, invasive surgical procedures.

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