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I had back problems that Wiep was able to

relieve the pain in a single session.

Kristen Anacker, Silver Lake, CA, 55 years old.

Wiep is the masseuse I have been searching for. I always feel relaxed and healed after a treatment. I highly recommend Wiep! Her hands are magical and her energy, healing.

YG, 41 years old

Her work is wonderful – to really understand, you have to experience it.

Pat Geiger, La Crescenta, CA, 60 years old

Wiep has the gift of being able to tune into individual needs. She has this incredibly special focus on particular areas, redefining the shape and muscle tone.

Wendy Campbell, La Canada, CA, 42 years old

The best massage I have received since my move to the U.S. I really liked the fact that it is deep tissue massage and offers lymphatic drainage. I found it to be deeply relaxing and energizing - it gave me a new vitality.

Veronique Tschopp, Altadena, CA, 37 years old.

I was referred by a chiropractor after a car accident. I had neck and shoulder pain, and after a series of treatments, along with the work of the chiropractor, I was relieved of most of the pain and gained more mobility. I now see Wiep for symptoms of chronic fatigue and my lymphatic system. Her work helps me to function in life. My muscles become less puffy and smoother. She also answers questions on dietary issues and supplementation.

Lois Sowers, La Crescenta, CA, 56 years old

She’s amazing. Wiep’s work performed wonders on my lower back problems, I couldn’t walk. Chiropractors and MD’s had tried to help. Wiep worked on me twice and it helped right away and the pain stayed away for a long time.

Steve Horner, Silverlake, CA, 48 years old

For the last 6 months I have been suffering from a dislocated jaw, had severe pain and I was not able to chew any firm foods at all. The surgeon told me that I had to live with this condition, since there was nothing he could do. Wiep happened to be visiting my daughter, offered to see me and gave me one treatment. Right away I was able to eat normally again. Within several days the pain fully subsided and I have had no problem with this ever since. I find it to be a true miracle.

Femmy van Huissteden, The Netherlands, 63 years old

I have the highest regard for her work. I feel that if a person can be inwardly prepared for a new experience, then they will benefit hugely. For many years of my life, I have had back spasms. No one can help me when my back is spasming except Wiep. She took me from barely being able to walk on crutches to 50% better in a single treatment. Wiep has the ability to send people in healthy directions. The most remarkable thing she did was that my stomach was hard and impacted and she gave me a book on the benefits of flaxseed oil. I ate this combination for 6 months and my stomach returned to normal. This meant a great deal to me because my sister died of colon cancer.

Wiep was able to get real with me and not be intimidating. The results were due one single extended treatment that triggered a healing process that has continued.

Rosalie Bate, Granada Hills, CA, 56 years old.

Wiep is remarkable! The first thing you notice is that her eyes sparkle and her marvelous smile. She really knows what she is talking about. She observes you closely and can tell many things about your condition. She patiently tells you about what she proposed to do and then its hands on. She has a quick mind, really knows her stuff and takes an eclectic approach to healing. My vertigo was first diminished, then eliminated.

Tracy Collins, La Crescenta, CA, 55 years old

I painted my kitchen and as a result of over-using my right arm, I developed tendonitis in my elbow. I tried homeopathy to heal the pain, I tried a chiropractic therapist, I tried physical therapy. I had the elbow x-rayed and an orthopaedic doctor told me the only thing that would alleviate the pain was a Cortisone injection. The alternative according to the doctor was to put up with the pain for maybe one year, perhaps longer. I did not want to have that shot.

After 7 months of searching I thought I should call Wiep just to see if she could give me some info about wraps I could use to soothe the pain. Instead, Wiep said “I’ll come over to help you heal” and she gave me a 11/2 hour massage which was really painful. She worked on every little and big muscle on my right shoulder and arm and she put so much healing energy into it that I felt so well taken care of.

It was a wonder: A week after the massage I started feeling the healing process and everyday thereafter, I felt better. In a month, I had moments without pain and after 2 months and one more massage, I could take my support bandage off.

I am so happy and I am so grateful to Wiep for helping my arm heal, after 7 months of struggle. Thank you Wiep, you are the best!

Ilka Sternberger, Mar Vista, CA,

It was a shorter list to tell you what didn’t hurt, rather than what did. I had trouble standing, walking and lifting almost anything. The muscle aches and joint pain made functioning a major challenge. Wiep’s work on my body has made a major difference in my ease of movement. I can drive safely now that I can move my neck easily and without pain. I can pick up increasingly heavier objects. The more work she does on my body, the more my pain is diminished and the work is lasting. There is now hope that I will soon be able to drop my pain medications and lead a more active life. I can barely express my gratitude for Wiep’s amazing talent, knowledge and energy.

Kathy, Studio City, CA, 53 years old